Brian Peck


Pizza App says Deep Dish Pizza is Illinois’ favorite

The pizza app Slice has a rundown of the most popular pizzas in each state.

Deep Dish was, not surprisingly, #1 in Illinois.  It’s also the favorite in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Maine, and Alaska. 

The most popular overall is Sicilian Pizza.  It’s the most popular in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Seven states went with VEGGIE pizza: California, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Mississippi, Vermont, and Nebraska. 

Seven others love Supreme Pizzas: Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Wyoming. 

The four states that order Hawaiian pizza more than anything else are Oregon, North Dakota, Missouri, and Ohio.  So what’s #1 in Hawaii?  Thin Crust.

And only one state had Meat Lovers at #1, North Carolina. 

You can see a map of the most popular pizza in every state, here.