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Legendary Chicago Hot Dog Stand, Superdawg, celebrates 75 years

Whether it’s been for date nights, parties or just a quick snack, Superdawg has served generations of Chicagoans.

The iconic drive-in celebrates 75 years of business this month. The owners said they are maintaining its legacy by staying true to the original recipes, getting to know regulars and treating employees like a big family.

Maurie and Flaurie Berman, created Superdawg in 1948, taking over the lot at 6363 N. Milwaukee Ave. and turning it into a destination for locals and tourists.

With no restaurant experience, the young newlyweds tried their luck at opening a hot dog stand for the summer — but by 1950, the business was open full-time to accommodate the growing number of regulars and to keep the staff employed.

The owners don’t know how many hot dogs have been sold since 1948 — but it’s safe to say “hundreds of thousands in a year” are sold, the family said.

May 9 marks the stand’s birthday, but the owners are planning a monthlong celebration that will include a new honorary street sign, government proclamations from local politicians and special discounts.

Maurie and Flaurie were always happy and at the business, taking orders and hanging out with friends, their children said, who grew up in Albany Park. Even on their days off, they’d stop by for a hot dog or a milkshake after a night out, the family said.

The founders were frequently in the press and praised for their passion for the job and food. Maurie died in 2015 and Flaurie in 2018, but they are honored throughout Superdawg with photos and awards that line the dining room — and with the stand’s enormous hot dog people statues, which greet customers from afar.

The Superdawg figures, flirtatiously winking at each other atop the building, represent the founders.

The iconic drive in, dubbed a Chicago landmark, has been visited by culinary celebrities, featured in movies and TV shows and received awards and accolades for its hot dogs, architectural style and family-run dedication.