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Chicago Public Schools Honors Student Gets Accepted Into 17 Top Colleges

The options seem endless for Mia Williams as she received acceptance letters from all 17 colleges that she applied to, with some even offering her full-ride scholarships.

A senior at Lindblom Math and Science Academy, Mia is a straight-A student, who speaks fluent Arabic. She is laser focused on her future.

“I was a little shocked when I started getting all the acceptance letters because but once I got past the first few ones, I was like, I actually have a chance to get into an Ivy League school,” Mia said. And when I did, I was completely blown away.”

Mia also scored more than $1 million dollars total in scholarship offers.

“I was honestly surprised. Like, it took me aback a little, especially when I started adding up the numbers. I was like I made it to the million dollar club,” Mia said.

Mia credits her school and her parents with helping her become this star student.

“It was a combination of how I was brought up by my wonderful parents and my big brother, and I also have to credit my amazing teachers,” Mia said. “My Arabic teacher, all my history teachers. I have a really supportive school system. They’ve been guiding me through a path that I’ve definitely would have would not have been on if it wasn’t for them.”

So what is the big decision? Mia will head to the University of Pennsylvania, where she plans to major in neurosurgery.