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Freshen Up Your Puzzle Collection At Logan Square Puzzle Exchange This Weekend

The Logan Square neighborhood’s first-ever puzzle swap is this weekend.

The Logan Square Puzzle Exchange is set for 1-3 p.m. Sunday at the Logan Square Library, 3030 W. Fullerton Ave.

For the event, neighbors are encouraged to bring new or gently used 500-plus-piece puzzles to trade. Puzzles should be brought in a resealable plastic bag in the original box with no missing pieces, organizers said.

Neighbors Hanan Malik and Libby Frank launched the event. The two puzzlers were inspired by a popular puzzle exchange in Andersonville, Malik said.

Malik got into puzzles over the holidays and was looking for a way to do more of them without having a “closet full of puzzles I’ve done once that I’m not necessarily going to do again,” she said.

“I envision myself not really wanting to do a puzzle more than once. The excitement of puzzling is getting all of the pieces together. Once you’ve done it, the novelty is sort of gone. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing as many puzzles as possible,” she said.

The puzzle exchange allows neighbors to freshen up their puzzle collection — and meet other puzzle lovers in the process, Malik said.

“Maybe you’re into nature puzzles and there’s not a ton of them locally, but your neighbor got one as a gift from someone out of town. This opens you up to different artists, different locales,” she said.

If the puzzle exchange is a success, the organizers hope to put on the event two times a year, Malik said.