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Late owner of Murphy’s Bleachers honored by the city this weekend

The late owner of a popular establishment in the shadow of Wrigley Field received a posthumous honor from the City of Chicago on Sunday.

It’s another way in which Beth Murphy will be remembered around Wrigleyville for years to come.

Beth Murphy, the late owner of Muphy’s Bleachers who died this past April after a long battle with cancer, was given an honorary street sign during a ceremony on Sunday.

Her sign is up outside of the bar at 3655 North Sheffield Avenue, right below the West Waveland Avenue sign across the street from the Wrigley Field bleacher entrance.

Her sign is on the same pole as the one for her husband, Jim Murphy, who received the same honor following his death in 2003 on Sheffield Avenue. A former Chicago Police officer, he bought the bar formerly known as Ray’s Bleachers in 1980..

Beth took over as the owner of Murphy’s Bleachers following his death, serving as the owner of that establishment, Murphy’s Rooftop Company, along with Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro located at 3905 North Lincoln Avenue.

During her time leading Murphy’s Bleachers, Beth was a prominent leader in the Lakeview community. She’s remembered as the passionate leader of the Wrigleyville Rooftops Owners Association, coming to prominence when the Cubs started many renovations at Wrigley Field in the mid-to-late 2010s.

The team honored Murphy after her death at the age of 68 by placing a tribute on the Wrigley Field marquee. During a recent stop for shows at the United Center, Pearl Jam paid tribute to Murphy with a show poster that was created by Austin, Texas-based artist Oliver Barrett.