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Guinness debuts beers you can only get at new Chicago taproom

Guinness’ new Open Gate Brewery in Chicago will open this week, and beer-lovers will be thrilled to see several beverages only available in the city.

In addition to old favorites and signature cocktails, the brewery will also feature a rotating list of on-tap beer options, and several of them will be brewed in Chicago itself.

That list includes the “Pineapple Coconut Stout,” which features the classic Guinness stout with a slew of new additions, including a pineapple puree that’s added to the beer after it’s finished fermenting. Finally, the beer is poured over toasted coconut chips, resulting in a sweet flavor profile that adds a new kick to the classic beverage.  

The brewery will also produce its “West Coast IPA,” a classic hoppy beer with a “piney-citrus” flavor profile, according to the company.

For those looking for a surprisingly spicy beverage, the “Mango Chile Ale” fits the bill, with mango puree and cayenne pepper added post-fermentation to spice up a golden ale.

The “Kinzie Street Pale Ale” is a traditional American Pale Ale recipe, but it also features tropical fruit to the mix to counteract some of the bitterness of the beverage, the company said.

Finally, there is the “Corn Maize Cream Ale,” with flaked corn added to the mix. According to the company, the corn was grown in Iroquois County, and the beverage is crafted to add sweetness and a dry-finish to the beer.

All locally-produced beers at the brewery will be available in take-home growlers and crowlers, according to Guinness officials.

Other beers brewed at the company’s facility in Baltimore are available, including a breakfast tea amber ale and an old fashioned-inspired ale, complete with English Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels.

Of course, beer lovers can get traditional Guinness, as well as Guinness Extra Stout and more.

The taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday, opening at 11 a.m. on weekdays and at 9 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

More information on the menu can be found on Guinness’ website.