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3 Illinois lottery players win $250,000 on crossword scratch-offs

Three lottery players across Illinois have scored the top prize in the $250,000 crossword game.

According to an Illinois Lottery news release, three lottery players won the top prize of the $10 scratch-off tickets, which were purchased from retailers across the state.

One of the tickets was purchased at a MotoMart in Cahokia, IL. The store manager, John Fraser, was excited to have sold one of the tickets.

“It’s quite thrilling that someone won a big prize right here in Cahokia,” Fraser said. “Our regular customers tend to think the big wins happen in Chicago, so we’re very delighted that someone in our small town won!”

Another one of the tickets was sold at Kelley’s Market in Cortland, IL. The store’s assistant manager, Kailyn Emanuelson, said she believes this is the first time the store sold a ticket with a big prize.

“I grew up here in Cortland and this store has been a community staple forever,” Emanuelson said. “The majority of our customers live in town and I know most of them by name. That is why I’m almost 100% certain that the winner is one of our regulars.”

Each retailer will receive a $2,500 bonus for selling the ticket.

So far this year, Illinois Lottery players have won more than $1 billion in prizes across more than 54 million scratch-off tickets.

More information is available on the Illinois Lottery’s website.