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Navy Pier Flyover Chicago attraction continues

The new attraction being built at Navy Pier in the space of the former IMAX theater has an update.

In April, crews began to gut the space to make way for FlyOver Chicago, a flying attraction that will take you on a journey through Chicago using a giant spherical movie screen. It’s similar to the ride Soarin’ at Epcot at Walt Disney World.

On Tuesday, the large screen has been installed and all of the ride vehicles are installed as well.

There are three levels of the ride.

Flyover Chicago’s general manager Derek Poitras spoke about where they are in the construction process and what the ride will be like when it opens.

According to Poitras, guests can expect a full-length experience, with the simulation portion alone lasting 9 minutes. The ride promises to engage guests throughout the ride with visuals and other sensory experiences.

“What’s really great about this attraction is that from the moment you walk in, it’s constantly going”, says Poitras, “There’s never a moment where you’re waiting around for ten minutes, you’re always doing something, watching something, or experiencing something.”

Flyover Chicago aims to capture the rich and diverse scenery of Chicago, highlighting the vibrant neighborhoods and landmarks that make up the fabric of the city. 

They are still on track for an opening in the Spring but they don’t have an exact date yet.

You can pre-order tickets now for $24 for adults and $14 for children. More information on their website.