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15-year old youngest to ever graduate from Indiana University

A 15-year-old became the youngest college graduate in Indiana after earning a bachelor’s degree on top of three associate degrees. 

Khaya Njumbe recieved his degree in general studies from Indiana University Northwest on Wednesday.

He already has three associate degrees in biology, liberal arts and general studies and is an accomplished pianist, linguist and sportsman. 

As well as becoming the youngest graduate in the state, Njumbe will be the first in his family to graduate from college: ‘I know it’s a pretty big accomplishment.’

He started studying at Indiana University Northwest when he was 12 while also completing his high school diploma at the 21st Century Charter School. 

Njumbe’s parents realized his potential at a very young age. 

When he was 13 months old he started reading flashcards and over the next few years he taught himself piano. 

He also taught himself Chinese after watching Bruce Lee movies. 

‘When I was about 7, that’s when my mom officially sent me to a Chinese school, but before then I was already trying to teach myself,’ he said.

When he was four, his parents enrolled him in a specialist reading camp at Indiana University Northwest. 

While studying at the 21st Century Charter School, Njumbe has been completing associate degrees at the university on the side, starting when he was just 12. 

He now has three associate degrees in biology, liberal arts and general studies. 

He gained his bachelor’s degree on May 8, and became the state’s youngest university graduate.