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Game of Thrones characters are now baby names!

Game of Thrones premiered last night and it was everything and more than I hoped!

If I was having a baby (wait – do you think they will let me name a baby as a foster mom??) I would love to name them Jorah or Khaleesi.

And I’m not alone.

Baby Center says Game of Thrones themed names are rising in popularity.

Ellaria rose 53% jumping to 5,994th place last year.

Jorah went up 36% in 6,959th place.

Stark (after the siblings Robb, Sansa, Arya and Bran…oh, wait there was another one right?) rose by 9% for the 6.937th most popular baby name.

Tyrion is a big one going up 20% to #493.

But Khaleesi is still the most popular at #493…up 7% this year.