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‘The Onion’ has some fun with ‘Chicago’

Story by 94.7 WLS Editor Matt Lo Cascio

“The Onion” has struck comedy gold yet again, this time having some fun with the band “Chicago” and their website.

The article from the satire site boasts a headline that reads: “Report: ChicagoTheBand.com Most Visited Site On The Internet“.

After the initial laugh from the headline, the piece continues to deliver the goods.

With its massive and fiercely loyal user base, ChicagoTheBand.com—the official Internet home of the American music group Chicago—remains the most frequently visited website in the world, tech industry experts confirmed Wednesday.”

One of the ‘tech industry experts’ interviewed for the piece breaks down some of the big-time numbers from the site.

In fact, our data indicates there are currently 1.32 million ChicagoTheBand.com message board users fervently debating whether ‘Hard To Say I’m Sorry’ or ‘You’re The Inspiration’ is the band’s definitive ballad, and that’s just one of 200,000 active comment threads.

I’d have to disagree with those 1.32 million Chicago fans. “If You Leave Me Now” is clearly Chicago’s best ballad. But I digress.

The article also states that ChicagoTheBand.com operates a 10,000-square-foot warehouse ‘full of high-bandwidth servers maintained by approximately 140 full-time web developers and engineers who work in shifts to ensure uninterrupted access for the website’s legions of users.

That sounds remarkably similar to the crew and surroundings we have here at WLSAM.com and 947WLS.com.

The best part about the piece from “The Onion” is that we actually found it posted on Chicago’s Facebook page. How great is that?

All jokes aside, make sure you check out the 94.7 WLS extended interview with Chicago. Lee Loughnane, Robert Lamm, Lou Pardini and Jason Scheff talk with 94.7 WLS host Danny Lake about their new single “America,” and the stories behind the songs “25 or 6 to 4” and “Beginnings.” Chicago spends almost 20 minutes with Lake, and it’s an outstanding interview. Click the link or the pic below to check it out!

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