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Dick Biondi

Dick Biondi

11pm – 2am

“The Wild I-tralian Is On 94.7 WLS!”

Dick Biondi, known as the “Wild I-tralian,” “Big Mouth,” and “The Screamer,” is back on the air at 94.7 WLS-FM, weeknights from 11p to 2am.

Dick Biondi began his broadcasting career in New York at station WCBA. He moved to Chicago in 1960 where he worked at WLS. During this time, he wrote and recorded the novelty song, “On Top of a Pizza,” which sold over 11,000 copies.

In the early 1960s, Biondi was the nation’s #1 disc jockey, averaging a 60 share of the national audience. You listened to Biondi or else.

In early 1963, Biondi was the first DJ in America to play the Beatles. That same year, Biondi left Chicago for KRLA/Los Angeles. The following year, he joined the Mutual Broadcasting System for a syndicated program heard on over 125 stations. During this time, he launched the Dick Biondi Road Show, bringing young acts to local schools throughout Southern California.

Biondi returned to Chicago in 1967 for a five-year stint at WCFL/Chicago and then headed to South Carolina in 1973 for a decade at WNMB/North Myrtle Beach. Biondi returned to Chicago once more in 1984 to help launch WJMK. Biondi says, “Chicago is my favorite city because the most loyal people in the world live here.” Now Biondi is back on the air where he belongs at 94.7 WLS-FM!

Biondi was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and the Radio Wing of The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

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