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Mick Fleetwood hints new music might be coming from Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood says that new music from the current lineup of Fleetwood Mac might see the light of day before it’s fall tour. Fleetwood spoke about Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and Crowded House leader Neil Finn replacing the band’s ousted leader Lindsey Buckingham, telling Yahoo Music, “I truly believe that (new music) will happen. I’m hoping that we can throw out a couple of calling cards before we go out on the road. I’m not quite sure that we can apply ourselves to do that, but all of that is to look forward to. It’s hugely important, whichever way you look at it, for a band to remain being creative, not treading water. . . If anyone out there has a sort of a track record of the history of this crazy band known as Fleetwood Mac, it is certainly peppered with changes through the years. We’ve had probably four, five, six, seven major changes!” Fleetwood also said that Campbell and Finn’s music would also be incorporated into the Mac setlists.

Fleetwood, who purposely didn’t get into the details of Buckingham’s departure from the band, said he gave, “huge kudos and respect, forever and before and now and into the future, of what Lindsay Buckingham has always been within the ranks.” Fleetwood shed light on the band’s decision to carry on without Buckingham, recalling, “Well, it was a huddle, really. It was a team huddle of the existing band members to really not panic into anything, other than really following our hearts as to what this meant — which was huge, any which way you look at it. And once we had galvanized that approach amongst the four remaining folks, the ladies and the guys in the band, we took the bull by the horns. It was really as simple as that. But it certainly took a real, meaningful breath. All of us, probably in our various ways, came to that decision that we want to, we need to, we feel good about it. And once we all felt that we really wanted to do that, it got hot and heavy as to how this is going to be really musically uplifting for the existing band — the band that we have now — and have it be believable for everyone out there that has been loyal and taken that journey with the crazy band Fleetwood Mac.

Fleewood Mac plays in Chicago on October 6th at The United Center.