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Woman has medical condition that makes her TASTE names

Photo by Michelle Krozser from Burst

Julie McDowall, who is from Scotland, has synesthesia.  That’s where two or more of your senses kind of get scrambled.  For example, a trumpet might sound “orange” to someone who has it.  In Julie’s case, her brain associates words with different TASTES.  And she’s going viral, because she recently started telling people on Twitter what their NAME tastes like.

Here are a few examples of names she’s already taste-tested:  The name Aaron tastes like a stale chocolate bar, Brandon and Brent both taste like flat Coca-Cola, Brian tastes like shredded coconut, Danielle tastes like SpaghettiOs…

Keith tastes like mint gum, Madison tastes like a mix of chocolate and EAR WAX, Sam tastes like tuna fish, Sean tastes like furniture polish, and Wendy tastes like watered-down orange juice.

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