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SURVEY: Top 10 gifts people want for Valentines Day

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

A recent survey by Groupon polled people asking what they want for Valentine’s Day.  That same survey determined that 58% would rate their significant others’ Valentine’s Day efforts with an “F.” These were the results:

1.  A nice dinner out.  58% said it’s a good gift.
2.  Chocolate, 50%.
3.  Flowers, 46%.
4.  A massage, 46%.
5.  A home-cooked meal, 39%.
6.  Jewelry, 36%.
7.  A trip to somewhere warm or exotic, 31%.
8.  A spa package, 31%.
9.  A night or two at a local hotel, 30%.
10. Tickets to a comedy show, 26%.