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The most popular beer in America is…

Photo by: Matthew Henry at Burst

It might be trendy to drink craft brews, but they don’t come out on top as far as sales. Numbers crunched by 24/7 Wall St. recently show Bud Light is the top seller, shipping 33 million barrels of beer in 2017 (down 6.2% from 2016.)

Though four of the top five beers had year-over-year drops in sales, they’re still recognizable names. Rounding out the top five were: Coors Light (16.5 million barrels, down 4.1%), Budweiser (13.3 million barrels, down 7.5%), Miller Lite (13.1 million barrels, down 2.8%), and Corona Extra (8.7 million barrels, up 3.6%.)