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State Fair becomes ‘Fair Food Drive Thru’

You’re probably craving a State Fair right now, or any outdoor fest or event. The 2020 Illinois State Fair is currently set to run from August 13th through August 23rd, but if things get canceled or pushed back, they may want to consider what Ohio is doing.

The 2020 Ohio State Fair taking place this weekend and next weekend will be a DRIVE THRU this year!  Participants will be able to pull up to a window and buy all the staple foods of a great states fair.  Those include Elephant Ears, corn dogs, fried Oreos, steak on a stick and cotton candy!  The event holders have posted a full menu here.

For those of us who think the drive is a bit far though, I recommend making THE BEST fair food of all, at home.  Here’s a recipe to make some delicious funnel cakes!..