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Illinoisans are the worst tippers in the US: study

When it comes to Midwest hospitality toward tipped workers, a new study shows Illinoisans aren’t footing the bill.

According to a USA TODAY study, Illinois residents are the worst tippers in America. Examining tips nationwide over two weeks, Illinoisans tipped an average of 14.22%. For example, the report showed that Illinois tippers would pay about $85.66 for a $75 bill (before tax) based on the state’s tipping average.

The national average for tippers in the US is 17.94%

State (Worst tippers in the US)Percentage
South Carolina15.13%
New Mexico15.32%

The study, conducted from Sept. 11-25, found that California residents tipped the most, averaging 22.69%

Millennials were found to be the best tippers in the country, averaging 18.18%. In contrast, the Silent Generation (adults born between 1928 and 1945) tends to be the worst.

The study found that tips varied by income.