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$1M Mega Millions ticket sold in Bartlett was part of 40-person office pool

You might want to join that office lottery pool next time.

That’s what happened in the Chicago suburb of Bartlett Tuesday, when a lucky Mega Millions ticket scored 40 coworkers a cool $1 million.

“I said ‘hey, you know, the lottery is over a billion dollars,’ so I said ‘hey guys, let’s get together, let’s try to see if we can win,” Donald Gant told NBC Chicago.

The ticket, which matched five winning numbers, was purchased by Gant on his way to work, at RT 59 Gasoline, located at 1100 W. Sterns Rd. in Bartlett. According to Gant, 39 of his coworkers also went in on the ticket.

“My phone kept going, all morning long,” he said. “All my coworkers kept calling me ‘Don, we won! We won!’ I’m like guys….get out of here.”

Gant returned to the gas station on Wednesday to meet with a representative from the Illinois Lottery to verify the ticket, but more importantly, to thank the employee who sold it to him.

“I feel lucky too, for giving somebody a million dollars,” Navi Dhillon, who sold Gant the ticket, said.

Gant says that the lottery prize will be split evenly with his coworkers, with each getting $25,000.

“I am really happy for the people I work with. They are just such a strong unit and it’s such a blessing when you get something to share,” he said.

As far as his share, Gant plans to donate some of it, he said.

“First of all, I will donate my 10% to my church,” he said. “I have a grandson, my first grandchild, so I have to put something away for him. And my son and his wife are working to purchase a home, so we can all help out.”