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Person spotted riding bicycle on I-90 expressway

Illinois State Police have a message out for anyone trying to ride their bicycle on an expressway after a photo captured a person biking on I-90 in Chicago.

The photo shows a cyclist riding in the right shoulder on the outbound Ontario Street feeder ramp to I-90 just after 1 p.m. Wednesday, when traffic appeared to be quite heavy.

When shown the photo, Illinois State Police had a message for anyone biking on interstate highways, and what to do if you encounter it.

“Riding/walking on the shoulder is illegal on all interstates. It is a violation off the Illinois Vehicle Code and can be found here,” a statement from Illinois State Trooper Jayme Bufford said. “There is no protection available to you as a pedestrian, a person riding a bike is in the same peril.  If motorists see a pedestrian on the interstate they are encourage to contact 9-1-1.”

A list of available bikeways in Chicago can be found here.