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Bridal Shower at White Castle?

A woman celebrated her 20th marriage anniversary with a bridal shower at a White Castle in Berwyn.

Tiffany Brooks-Lawrence said that she and her husband had their first date at the fast-food chain 25-years ago, and it holds a special place in their hearts.

Brooks-Lawrence said that in honor of the couple’s upcoming 20 years of marriage, her bridal party threw her a bridal shower at White Castle’s Berwyn location.

“It was a symbolic and special event that allowed me to pause and enjoy the moment with friends and family. After all, as a wife and mother of seven beautiful children, my days are often long and busy with therapies for my autistic toddler, work, and building family culture. It was a much-needed break, and I am forever grateful,” Brooks-Lawrence said.

She believes their story is a testament to the power of love and commitment.

Want to celebrate your love at White Castle, too? The fast-food restaurant is known for their annual Valentine’s Day dinner where they open up for a full service dining experience. To make a reservation, go to: whitecastle.com.