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Malls & Chocolate: The End Of An Era

Two news stories caught my eye yesterday that broke my heart.

I do not look forward to not smelling chocolate when I exit the Kennedy to head downtown. Yesterday Blommers announced that their chocolate factory will be closing.

It also saddens me that Spring Hill Mall is closing. I remember buying this particular outfit at Gantos in Spring Hill Mall a while back (Gantos went out of business 25 years ago). A one-piece get-up with stirrup pants, studs, and a wide belt that I knew would be perfect for my Meet & Greet with Bon Jovi.

I remember Richie Sambora complimenting me on that outfit! I responded, “Thank you. You smell incredible, what are you wearing?” and he said “Jean Paul Gaultier”. I’m still a fan…of him and that scent.

What is closing/has closed that you miss?

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