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Burr Ridge mechanic rescues cat trapped under muffler

An auto mechanic in Burr Ridge was able to free a cat he found trapped under the muffler of a car he was working on Monday morning.

Willy Li, the manager of LM Cars in Burr Ridge, said he was scared when he first discovered the feline because he didn’t know how the cat was going to respond to attempts to help it. But he was able to loosen the car parts that had trapped the cat in a tight and possibly deadly situation, and the animal then fell down out of the car and seemed to be OK, with only a cut to its neck.

Li contacted DuPage Animal Control to let them know about the cat, and it was picked up soon after, he said.

DuPage Animal Control said they took the cat back to their shelter where it was treated by veterinary staff. They described the cat as “very affectionate,” and said they’re have posted it to their Facebook page in hopes of locating the owner.