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Boating company launches hot tub boat rides on Chicago River this winter

Floating down the Chicago River might be something you think about during summertime, but a boating company in the city is hoping to change that, bringing a new kind of winter experience on the water.

The Chicago Electric Boat Company announced this month that it will now offer “hot tub boats” and heated boat rides for the winter months in the city.

“Picture this: a bubbling hot tub, on a boat, cruising the Chicago River. It’s not just a boat ride; it’s a floating paradise, exclusively yours to enjoy,” the company wrote in a release.

The 90-minute, six-passenger hot tub boat cruise is now taking reservations for the months of November and December, as well as “all of 2024.”

The price for the boats is $158 per hour, with two-hour windows available starting Dec. 8.

While food will not be allowed on the boats, riders can bring alcohol.

“Make sure to designate a sober captain,” the company said.

When it comes to cleanliness, Chicago Electric Boat Company said the boats have an “internal filtration system” that both heats and cleans the water in the hot tub while the boat is docked.

“We employ a chemical-free, all-natural cleaning process. This method includes the use of a chlorinator probe with a gentle salt solution while the boat is docked, initiating an electrolysis process to achieve the highest level of water cleanliness,” the company’s website reads.

In addition to the hot tub boats, the boating group said it also transformed its popular “Duffy boats,” enclosing them with a built-in heater.

“Imagine gliding along the Chicago River, snug in the warmth of your private vessel, surrounded by the magical winter scenery,” the company said. “Your favorite river adventure is now a four-season affair, and we can’t wait for you to experience a new season on the river.”