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Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” going live from Chicago in August

Stephen Colbert is taking his show on the road for the first time. The destination is Chicago during the Democratic National Convention this summer. 

Colbert told the audience of “The Late Show” on Wednesday that the show would be broadcast from Chicago’s storied Auditorium Theater from Aug. 19 to 22 on the CBS Television Network.

“This is exciting; summer is around the corner, and so is the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois,” Colbert said. “It should be a fun time because historically, all the Democratic conventions in Chicago have gone super smooth.”

That punch line included a picture of police with rifles in riot gear during the violent clashes with anti-Vietnam War protesters at the 1968 convention.

A spokeswoman for the show said ticket information is not yet available, but she expected seats would eventually be available on the show’s usual ticketing site. 

The theatre is “absolutely gorgeous and so creatively named,” Colbert joked. 

Colbert lived in Chicago for 11 years, performing and “cutting his comedy teeth” at the legendary Second City and attending Northwestern University. 

“It holds a special place in my heart, and not just because of the Polish sausage that is still lodged in my aorta,” Colbert said. “Get ready, Chicago, because it’s the return of “DAAA COL-BERT.” 

The show will broadcast from New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater during the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee on July 15-18. Guests for both weeks of shows will be announced at a later date.