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The ET Ride at Universal Studios has a special smell to it. Now you can bring it home!

The E.T. Adventure Ride at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida opened June 7th, 1990… And it smells like it opened June 7th, 1990.

I’m a bit of a fan of the ET Ride. Whenever I visit Universal Studios, I like to block off some time to get on the ride multiple times. I’ve been caught trying to steal the sign in card as a souvenir… TWICE.

Last time Kim Berk and I went to Universal for a work trip, and we rode E.T. together. When we first walked into the waiting room, Steven Speilberg was on the screen talking about the ride, she looked at me and just said “WHAT IS THAT SMELL”. Now you can experience that smell at home with the Extra Terrestrial Adventure Scented Candle. The E.T. Candle smells like stale water and old outdoor carpet that has been sitting stagnant since 1990. With faint hints of burning electronic equipment and sulfur, it will compliment any room in your house.