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Brookfield Zoo celebrates 90 years, announces new Ferris Wheel and attractions

Brookfield Zoo is pulling out all the stops to celebrate their 90th anniversary, including the addition of a towering Ferris wheel that will allow patrons to experience the facility in a whole new way.

In a press release this week, officials said they will roll out a 130-foot Anniversary Ferris wheel to mark their 90th birthday.

The Ferris Wheel will begin operations on March 15 and will run through the end of the year, according to officials.

Officials said the Ferris wheel will be located near the Roosevelt Fountain, and will provide incredible views of animal habitats, gardens, and the Chicago skyline.

Tickets for the attraction will run $8 per person, and $6 for zoo members, according to officials.

The zoo is also highlighting several other attractions and events that zoogoers can enjoy, including the resumption of the Dolphins in Action show on March 22. The building that houses the dolphins underwent extensive renovations, requiring the animals to be moved to the Minnesota Zoo, but the facility will reopen for shows next month, according to officials.

A new aviary will be home to two sandhill cranes and a dozen endangered prairie chickens, and will open in June, according to the zoo.

More information on the new events and attractions at the zoo can be found on the Brookfield Zoo’s website.