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Lucy Liu becomes the second Asian-American woman with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Congrats to Lucy Liu and her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! This incredibly talented woman becomes the second Asian-American to have a star on the walk of fame. The first Asian-American actress to receive a star is Anna May Wong in 1960. Liu praised and gave thanks to the late actress for paving the way for future Asian-American actresses and having to endure racism, marginalization, and exclusion. Liu encourages more diversity to be represented on film as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Liu’s breakthrough role was Ling Woo from “Ally McBeal” and was Emmy nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 1999. Liu then hit the big screen and had great success with fan favorite movies such as “Shanghai Noon” starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, “Kill Bill Vol. 1” starring Uma Thurman and David Carradine, and  “Charlies Angels” starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Bill Murray. More recently, she plays Dr. Joan Watson in the hit TV show “Elementary”.

Liu is a New York native and went to college at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor where she studied Asian languages and culture. Liu is an Ambassador for UNICEF and was the spokesperson for Lee National Denim Day Fundraiser, a fundraiser to support women’s cancer programs. She also hosted an MTV documentary for the MTV EXIT campaign to raise awareness for human rights, specifically human trafficking.

Congrats once again Lucy Liu! We hope this achievement will open doors for more Asian-American actresses and artists into mainstream media.

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