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Chicago Blackhawks have the worst road losing streak in recent history!

With every successive loss, the number attached to the Blackhawks’ road losing streak becomes more difficult to remember.

But when presented Thursday with the reality of what the streak means — that the Hawks haven’t won a road game since Nov. 9 in Tampa, Florida — the gears in forward MacKenzie Entwistle’s head started turning.

‘‘When you put it that way, all the way back to Tampa, that’s a long time ago,’’ Entwistle said. ‘‘The most frustrating part is we’re in these games and we just can’t find a way to finish and get the job done.’’

Indeed, the Hawks squandered several opportunities that could have stopped the streak from reaching an absurd 20 games, the longest in franchise history.

They were tied 3-3 entering the third period Nov. 12 at Florida in the first game of the drought (although winning that would have lopped only one off the current number).

They led 5-2 with 13 minutes left Dec. 23 at St. Louis in the ninth game of the streak, but that turned into one of the most painful, inexcusable meltdowns in recent years.

They were a shot away from winning in overtime Dec. 29 at Dallas. They led 2-1 with 15 minutes left Jan. 5 at New Jersey. They led 1-0 with four minutes left Jan. 11 at Winnipeg. And they dominated much of the game Saturday at Calgary — the record-breaking loss — but just couldn’t solve Flames goalie Jacob Markstrom.

Then again, no such streak is ever likely. It’s rare the same outcome happens that many times in a row.

And the Hawks also have been blown out quite a few times in these 20 games, during which they’ve been outscored 86-29. They’re unlucky to have lost all 20 of them, but their record during the losing streak would be bad even with average luck.

Ineptitude to this degree is fairly unprecedented in modern NHL history. The Hawks are the first team in 30 years to lose 20 games in a row away from home.

The 1992-93 Senators hold the NHL record with 38 consecutive road losses, but they were an expansion team in an era in which the expansion-draft rules were much stingier. Those 38 losses came in the first 38 road games in their history.

Sixteen other teams in league history have lost 20-plus consecutive road games, but the vast majority of those happened in the 1970s or earlier, when NHL travel was a lot less luxurious and a lot more tiring.

Within the last three decades, the 2003-04 Hawks’ 19-game road skid — the record this team just eclipsed — is the second-worst. After that comes an 18-gamer by the Coyotes last season, which included losses at the United Center in January and February. But the Coyotes went to overtime five times during their skid, making it significantly more unlucky.

Within the last decade specifically, the 2014-15 Maple Leafs sit third on the leaderboard with 16 road losses in a row. The 2018-19 Sabres, 2014-15 Sabres and 2014-15 Oilers lost 14 straight on the road and the 2021-22 Flyers 13.

But none of those teams made it to 20, and the Hawks haven’t even escaped their nightmare. They’re excited about their light schedule in February, with nine of 10 games at home, but that also means the streak will live on for a while longer.

Barring an upset victory Feb. 19 at Carolina, the Hawks will head to Colorado and Arizona on March 4-5 having gone nearly four months without a road victory.