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Still obsessed with Pokémon Go? There’s a bar for that!

When it comes to pop-up bars, no one does it better than Replay in Lincoln Park. Need proof? Here are some past pop-ups…

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Pop-Up Bar with a “Flipadelphia” flip-cup tournament.

The Star Wars Pop-Up Bar where you could get your cantina on with a Dark and Stormy Trooper or the Kylo Ren-Tini.

And the Simpson’s Pop-Up Bar – Moe’s Tavern – where you could grab Duff Beer coozies.

And now the Pokémon Pop-Up Bar with specialty drinks including the Soul Badge (Poison Type), the Marsh Badge (Psychic Type) or the Volcano Badge (Fire Type). And you can compete in tournaments – old-school with your Pokémon cards – or the current obsession where people walk into traffic trying to collect their Pokémon creatures.

I’m more the drinking and watching type, so this works!



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