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Taylor Swift’s bug incident leads to Chicago cocktail inspiration

Taylor Swift’s three-day Eras Tour stop in Chicago set new hotel records, entertained over 190,000 fans and generated plenty of headlines, including many about an unexpected guest on stage that had many bugging out.

It was the moment Swift accidentally swallowed a bug onstage and video footage went viral. Now, that moment has inspired a new cocktail at the pop-up bar dedicated to the famous singer.

Replay Lincoln Park is hosting its “Tay Tay Party” pop-up in honor of Swift’s performances in Chicago. The pop-up has been extended through June 18 and features Swift-inspired drinks, one of which is its new “Bad Bug” cocktail. The mixed vodka, tamarind, chili pepper, watermelon, pineapple and ginger beer drink will be complete with topped gummy critters to commemorate the bug-eating saga.

Located at 2833 N. Sheffield Ave., the pop-up is open to fans over the age of 21 and includes other Swift-inspired cocktails, shots, and Instagrammable moments fans will recognize “all too well.” Wednesday night also includes T-Swift Bingo and Karaoke starting at 8 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations can also be made here.