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Video captures woman riding e-scooter during rush hour on Kennedy Expressway in Chicago

Construction on the Kennedy Expressway may be challenging, but one commuter’s apparent way around it is sparking warnings from officials.

A woman was seen riding an e-scooter on the side of the highway Monday. Wearing a blazer and a backpack, the rider was spotted traveling on the shoulder of the outbound lanes near the Addison Street exit.

A photographer captured video of the unexpected scene around 6:45 a.m.

But officials warned the move is not only dangerous, it’s illegal.

“Riding/walking on the shoulder is illegal on all interstates,” Illinois State Police said in a statement, noting the dangers of taking a scooter on the highly trafficked expressway.

“There is no protection available to you as a pedestrian, a person riding a scooter is in the same peril,” the statement read.

Illinois’ transportation department also noted that “pedestrians, bicycles and scooters, including motorized scooters, are prohibited on Illinois expressways.”

Lime, the company behind e-scooters in Chicago, said it was working with the city to investigate and find ways to prevent similar scenes from happening.

“We know that construction traffic on the Kennedy is at its worst right now, but riding e-scooters on the expressway is not the way around it,” LeAaron Foley, director for the Government and Community Affairs at Lime.

The Kennedy Expressway is currently under a multi-year construction project that has led to an increase in traffic in recent months.