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‘Cocaine sharks’ might be feasting on drugs dumped off Florida coast, scientists say

Animals hopped up on cocaine is not a new concept; the February film “Cocaine Bear” loosely chronicled the bizarre true story of when a 175-pound black bear ingested cocaine that was thrown out of a drug smuggling plane in 1985. 

However, with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week right around the corner, scientists have revealed the possible discovery of sharks in the Atlantic Ocean that have ingested cocaine. On July 26, a Discovery Channel Shark Week episode, “Cocaine Sharks,” looks into decades-old rumors of sharks coming into contact with cocaine jettisoned into the waters off Florida’s coast.

Experts say that sharks may be gobbling up bales of drugs that were dumped into the water off the coast by smugglers.  

Biologists studying the phenomenon reported seeing a hammerhead shark swimming into discarded packages and biting into them. 

After ingesting the drugs, the sharks were observed to be behaving erratically, causing what scientists call “crazy brain.”

A documentary focusing on sharks on cocaine is set to premiere during Shark Week, which began on Sunday.