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Rideshare drivers strike in Chicago for one day

Lots of passengers coming and going could be inconvenienced Wednesday at O’Hare.

Rideshare drivers plan to strike the airport as they demand better pay and safer working conditions. They believe a strike will shine a light on their conditions.

Thousands of ride hailing and delivery drivers for Uber, Lyft and Doordash are participating in a one-day strike across the country.

The striking drivers will not provide rides to and from airports in 10 U.S. cities Wednesday.

Some of the cities include Chicago, Miami, Orlando and Philadelphia.

The strike is not planned to affect Midway Airport, but it could impact travelers looking for transportation at O’Hare.

Drivers are planning to gather in the ride-share staging lot for a rally at 11 a.m.

Meanwhile, the justice for app workers coalition says drivers are tired of working 80 hours a week to make ends meet and they are constantly scared for their safety. This follows several recent violent and even fatal attacks against ride share drivers Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Uber says they continue to add new safety features to the app while lyft says they are constantly working to improve the driver experience.

The job action comes one day after flight attendants picketed at O’Hare and across the country yesterday for better pay and working conditions.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Lyft said, “We are constantly working to improve the driver experience, which is why just this month we released a series of new offers and commitments aimed at increasing driver pay and transparency. This includes a new earnings commitment and an improved deactivation appeals process. Now, drivers will always make at least 70% of the weekly rider fares after external fees. It’s all part of our new customer-obsessed focus on drivers.”