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Here is the top Halloween costume in the Chicago area, according to Google

With Halloween just over a week away, you might already have your costume picked out. But if you’re still unsure of what to choose and are at a loss for ideas, perhaps consider one of the costumes that have skyrocketed in popularity this year.

The top costume is Barbie, according to Google Trends data compiled by the website FrightGeist. That may not be a surprise given the success of the “Barbie” movie in theaters over the summer.

Fittingly, Barbie was also the top costume in the Chicago area, along with the Peoria-Bloomington and Springfield-Decatur-Champaign regions in Illinois.

But the number one pick differed elsewhere across the state.

A cowboy was the top costume in the Rockford area, while Wednesday Addams took the top spot in Davenport-Rock-Island-Moline. In the Paducah, Cape Girardeau, Harrisburg and Mount Vernon area, which includes southern Illinois, the number one choice was a witch.

If you’re still in need of costume ideas, here are the 20 most popular options this year, according to the website:

  1. Barbie
  2. Princess
  3. Spiderman
  4. Witch
  5. Fairy
  6. Wednesday Addams
  7. Dinosaur
  8. Ninja
  9. Cowboy
  10. Bunny
  11. Rabbit
  12. Pirate
  13. Princess Peach
  14. Clown
  15. Pumpkin
  16. Batman
  17. Mermaid
  18. Cheerleader
  19. Ghost
  20. Bear