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Aldi now has wines for under $5!!!

Aldi recently released a bargain wine brand that aims to be your go-to table selection.

The Batavia-based discount market has long offered cheap, not-great vintages (like Winking Owl) on one end and pricier award-winners (like Côtes de Provence rosé) on the other end. But it’s lacked a reliable table wine.

Aldi’s North American wine buyer Arlin Zajmi tried four bottles (each $4.95) from the new California Heritage collection. He says this year’s grapes come from California’s Central Valley, but future vintages could draw from anywhere in the state. Zajmi paired each wine with, you guessed it, other Aldi products.

What to expect:

  • Sparkling brut — Nice bright appley aroma but too sweet for my taste. Still, it could make fine mimosas. (Paired with dark chocolate)
  • Chardonnay — Well-balanced with a lovely peachy nose and buttery finish. (Paired with sharp English cheddar cheese)
  • Pinot noir — Light body with smokey notes and thin finish. (Paired with Manchego cheese)
  • Cabernet sauvignon — Lovely blackberry and tobacco nose with a nice jammy finish. (Paired with mesquite barbecue kettle chips)

The verdict? The wine would be a fine everyday table wine for cheap.

Two pricier bottles from the store’s new Specially Selected collection also tested well: A well-balanced 2023 Argentine Malbec from Mendoza’s Uco Valley ($7.99) and an elegant and delish 2021 Napa cabernet sauvignon ($14.99). The cabernet sauvignon is already sold out in a few North Side stores.