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Wild Canada geese are harassing the Woodridge public

Police in southwest suburban Woodridge say wild geese have been harassing and haranguing clients trying to come into the police station.

The evidence of “fowl” play is everywhere: Two Canada geese are accused of hissing, harassing and haranguing members of the public trying to get into the station.

“Yesterday they were still there to the point where they were not letting people into the building,” said Acting Chief Tom Stefanson.

The grousing geese prompted police to ask the public to call 911 to be escorted if they were having trouble waddling their way inside the station.

“This is a first for me in my career… and hopefully the last” Stefanson said.

Stefanson said the ghastly geese accosted no fewer than six people Thursday, but his department is taking the high road.

“We spent our day shooing them away. We don’t mind them being here but we can’t have them kind of getting in the way of people getting in the lobby,” he said. “And they’re welcome to stay as long as they need.”

Woodridge police were able to humanely move those geese to the retention pond nearby.