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Queen At The United Center – And How I Was Wrong About Adam Lambert…

Have you ever went into a show, a movie, or a concert with no intention of liking it? I’ll be honest – Sometimes I’ll do that – and going into Queen featuring American Idol Runner Up (I mean the guy didn’t even win!) Adam Lambert I had no intention of liking the singer. He seemed over the top to me, I didn’t think he would be anywhere near good enough to fill the shoes of Freddie Mercury, and honestly I just made my mind up that I didn’t like the guy. About 3 songs into Queen’s set on Friday night at the United Center, Lambert stopped the show and came out into the middle of the crowd to talk. He was very well spoken, he sounded down to Earth, he said he wasn’t there to replace or even attempt to replace Freddie Mercury… And I found myself really liking the guy, even if he couldn’t sing.

And here’s the second thing I was wrong about with Lambert. He CAN sing. He’s a great front man! Full of energy. Both Brian May and Roger Taylor (original Queen members) looked like they LOVE the guy on stage. They had great chemistry. Is Adam Lambert as good as Freddie Mercury? Probably not. Is Adam Lambert a good fill in for Freddie Mercury? Absolutely. Here’s a few videos I got on Friday night at the show! – Producer Dan



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