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Bulls tie with the Bears on Forbes’ Most Valuable Sports Teams List

The Bulls have caught up to the Bears in value, tying them as the 19th most valuable sports team. In the past year, the Bears 2 percent growth was outdone by the Bulls’ 12 percent, making them each worth roughly $2.9 billion. The Bulls also have an operating income of $115 million compared to the Bears’ $100 million. According to Forbes, this growth difference is part of a larger trend, in which other sport leagues such as MLB, MLS, and NBA are growing in value while the NFL is shrinking in value. While the NFL is still comfortably the biggest sports league, many of it’s teams on the Forbes listed posted a 0 percent growth in the last year while some NBA teams such as the Dallas Mavericks grew as much as 18% in the last year. With this trend, the Bulls will most likely pass the Bears in value in the next few years.