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Top 10 Things To Do In Morris After You Smoke Marijuana

Hell must have froze over because there is a marijuana shop in Morris, Illinois. Greenhouse Morris is located at 2400 W Route 6. You can buy marijuana (Birthday Cake and Mob Boss flavors), edibles (tangerine and coffee flavors), and vape. (blueberry, lemon lime, or the out of sight Ray Charles flavor).

In celebration of this event, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things to do in Morris after you get high.

  1. Get a sober driver. If you don’t own an automobile you can rent one at Enterprise Rent-A-Car on the corner of Division and High Street. (High Street. Get it?)
  2. Go bowling and play lazer tag at Echo Lanes.
  3. Stand in the parking lot where Bob Bardash Video used to be located and remember the good times.
  4. Go to the R-Place Truck Stop where they have legal gambling. Use your newfound munchies power to dominate the Ethyl Burger and get your photo on the wall.
  5. Head to Clayton’s Tap and watch some live music.
  6. Shop at Walmart because you know you have to go there anyways.
  7. Watch the race cars at the Grundy County Speedway.
  8. Get your ride cleaned at Dolphin Car Wash and Detailing.
  9. Watch a movie at the AMC Classic Morris 10.
  10. Go back to Walmart because you have to go back there anyways. Make the most out of it and stop at Aldi and Goodwill.

Have fun in Morris and be safe! – Producer Dan