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Chicago Pizzeria named as no. 1 pizza in the entire country!

A Chicago pan pizza institution has been named the best pizza in the country.

The review website Yelp gave Pequod’s the number one spot on its list of the best 100 pizza places in the U.S.

Pequod’s first opened in Morton Grove more than half a century ago.

As recalled by the Digital Research Library of Illinois History, founder Burt Katz had started in the business in 1963 as owner of The Inferno pizzeria on Central Street in Evanston. He had then opened by Gullivers on Howard Street in West Rogers Park in 1965, but had later sold his stake in the restaurant and gone into futures trading, the library recalled.

But in 1971, Katz returned to the pizza business – opening Pequod’s at 8520 Fernald Ave. in Morton Grove. Pequod’s pizza quickly became known for its caramelized crust – and the restaurant menus emphasized that it was “pan pizza,” never calling it “deep dish,” the library reported.

Pequod’s was named after the whaling ship in “Moby Dick.”

In 1986, Katz sold Pequod’s to businessman Keith Jackson. Katz later opened Burt’s Place around the corner in Morton Grove, while Pequod’s opened a second location at 2207 N. Clybourn Ave. in the Lincoln Park/Clybourn Corridor neighborhood in 1992.

The Clybourn Avenue location was prominently featured in a recent episode of the Hulu show “The Bear.”

Pizza connoisseurs may debate whether Pequod’s pizza qualifies as traditional Chicago deep-dish, but Yelp notes that Pequod’s is not hung up on choice of words.

Quoted by Yelp, Pequod’s general manager Sean Asbra said: “We call it pan pizza, but really, it’s just our pizza: a unique take on traditional Chicago pizza. “It’s thick, with a soft bready center, a crispy bottom, and a caramelized cheese crust around the edge.”

Also on the Yelp top 100 list for pizza is Piece Brewery and Pizza in Wicker Park, coming in at No. 17; Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company in Lincoln Park at No. 27; Spacca Napoli in Ravenswood at No. 44, Calo Pizzeria Restaurant & Lounge in Andersonville at No. 9; and Coalfire Pizza in West Town at No. 98.